Lausanne, Switzerland, April 3, 2019 – The FIVB has published its revised Constitution and its Rules of Procedure of the FIVB Congress, approved by the 36th FIVB World Congress in Cancún, Mexico. These changes reflect the International Federation’s continued commitment to implement the best practices when it comes to good governance.

The major changes to the FIVB Constitution include full investigatory and decision-making powers in ethical matters for the FIVB Ethics Panel, the incorporation of an integrity check for all candidates seeking election within the FIVB’s governing institutions, and the election of all Board of Administration members, with the exception of Confederation Presidents, by the FIVB Congress after selection by their Confederation. Additionally, the FIVB Congress approved a change that would allow for a new appointment process for Athletes’ Commission members, which will be defined in the FIVB General Regulations shortly.

In the Rules of Procedure of the FIVB Congress, the FIVB has codified a right for candidates for the FIVB President and the Gender-in-minority Board of Administration members to make a speech to present their candidatures before the FIVB World Congress. This right had already been utilized during the 35th FIVB World Congress but now has been incorporated into the Rules of Procedure of the FIVB Congress.

These amendments are in line with Goal 10 of the FIVB’s strategic plan, to “implement the best universal standards of good governance and make FIVB 100% compliant by 2020.”

FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° said of the updates:

“The FIVB is constantly re-evaluating its own procedures so that it remains an example of good governance, not only to our National Federations but also to volleyball and beach volleyball clubs and their athletes around the world.”

The updated versions of the Constitution and Rules of Procedure of the FIVB Congress as well as the mark-up versions of these documents can be found here:

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