Developing the sport as one strong team was at the heart of discussions

FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° held a number of key meetings with delegates from across the global Volleyball Family over the course of the FIVB World Congress in Arnhem, the Netherlands where he emphasised the importance of having a strong development plan in place and working closely with the FIVB and FIVB Technical and Development Department.

Upon the conclusion of day two of the World Congress, FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° met with the Japanese Volleyball Association (JVA) and its new President Shunichi Kawai, a former volleyball player and Olympian.

The two volleyball leaders discussed the importance of national teams in ensuring a good market for the sport, and the ways in which the FIVB and Volleyball World can support the JVA’s ambitions. JVA President Kawai highlighted Japan’s interest in developing both volleyball and beach volleyball, as well as bringing more international events to the country.

The FIVB President meets National Federations of Oceania

The FIVB President also met with the National Federations (NFs) of Oceania where he emphasised how he had kept his promise to support the region. He also noted how the FIVB Technical and Development Department is always on hand to discuss their projects and plans for the development of the sport in Oceania, and encouraged them to take advantage of Volleyball Empowerment and submit their projects.

Additionally, he joined a meeting with NFs from the Commonwealth. Here he answered various questions regarding Volleyball Empowerment and encouraged them to utilise the support available from the FIVB. 

“I was delighted to meet with delegates during the FIVB World Congress and discuss their volleyball journeys in person, especially after COVID-19 kept us all apart for too long,” said FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F°.

“During the Congress, I emphasised the need to work as one team, sharing best practices and not being afraid to try new, innovative ideas to move the sport forward. So, it was my pleasure to also sit down and discuss how we can implement these ideas and how the FIVB can best provide support in their respective regions and National Federations around the world.”

The FIVB President joins FIVB Athletes’ Commission President Madelein Meppelink and other commission members for a meeting

On the final day of the Congress, the FIVB President joined a meeting with several members of the FIVB Athletes’ Commission, including the Commission’s President, Madelein Meppelink of the Netherlands, and members Louise Bawden of Australia and Joshua Binstock of Canada. Representatives of the FIVB and Volleyball World and other athletes present at the FIVB World Congress also joined the meeting. Together, they discussed a number of topics including the importance of communicating regularly with the athletes.

He also met with Oceania Zonal President Hugh Graham and President of the Fiji Volleyball Federation, Kemueli Naiqama, to discuss the Fiji High Performance Development Center project in the country and the coaching and equipment support that the FIVB can provide to contribute to this cause.

The FIVB President and other representatives from the FIVB’s and Volleyball World’s leadership meet with Fuji TV representatives

Finally, FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° and other representatives from the FIVB’s and Volleyball World’s leadership joined a meeting with Fuji TV, Japan’s leading commercial broadcaster. The two organisations discussed their historic relations, potential opportunities for the future and the vision for the development of the sport in Japan.

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