Hong Kong, China, August 5, 2022 – Hong Kong, China senior men’s volleyball team left for Thailand on Thursday night (August 4) to participate in the AVC Cup for Men. The team again will participate in the international competition after participating in the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship last September.

The Hong Kong, China team has resumed regular training after the previous pandemic wave, and the sports facilities are reopening. Meanwhile, VBAHK also invited the fitness coach team and the CUHK Sports Medicine Team to assist the Hong Kong, China team in training this year. Overall, players’ condition has improved for this competition.

Captain Siu Cheong Hung did not participate in the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship with his team in Japan last year, so he is looking forward to this competition. He mentioned, “when there was no pandemic in the past, we had at least 1 or 2 international competitions every year; but in recent years, we seldom had competitions both locally and internationally. This time, I feel like I have just joined the senior men’s team again.” He also said the preparation of the team was ideal, “The team has had three to four training sessions a week before this competition, along with fitness training twice a week, and some of the teammates spared their own time for extra training. We have more chances to practice compared to previous competitions.”

He said they are well prepared for the competition with support from the coaching team, the fitness coach team, and the CUHK Sports Medicine Team. He also appreciated VBAHK for the various arrangements and materials support. Hong Kong, China team will face hosts Thailand in the first match of the preliminary round. Siu said that the Hong Kong, China team was able to win a set against Thailand in the Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship last year, and they hope to win two more sets and even bring some impact to Hong Kong, China. The team aims to win in the preliminary round and get the best possible results.

Head Coach Dragan Mihalilovic said they are trying to let more young players participate in this competition to gain international experience and prepare for the Asian Games next year. The head coach added, “In addition to this competition, there will be one to two international competitions before the Asian Games. These competitions will allow the young players to work with other experienced players to bring some impact to the team, and allow the young players to gain experience, which hopes to impress the fans next year.” The coaching team also mentioned the team will have immediate medical support in this competition so the players can be more focused on the game.”

Eleven teams will participate in the AVC Cup for Men, including the host Thailand, Hong Kong China, Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Japan, Australia, India, Chinese Taipei, China and Bahrain. Starting on 7 August (Sunday), the teams will be divided into four pools and play in a round-robin format. The top two teams from Pool A and C will advance to Pool E, and the top two from Pool B and D advance to Pool F. With the results of the preliminary round retained, Pool E and F will continue to compete in the round-robin. The top team will play against the second team in Pool E, and F will contest for the Final spots.

Hong Kong, China Team Roster:

Team Manager: NG Kam Chi Kanji

Head Coach: Dragan MIHAILOVIC

Assistant Coach: YAU Hok Chun, LIU Wan Yeung Adrian

Therapist: AU Kit Yi Kitty, CHAN Ching Wai

Referee: HUNG Chi Yung

Team Official: LO Yu Cheung


Leung Ho Yin

Lam Cheuk Hin

So Chun Hin

Chow Pak Fai

Sio Ka Yiu

Ching Hon Lam

Siu Cheong Hung (Captain)

Lam Ho Wong

Chiu Edmond Ka Tsun

Poon Chi Leung

Lam Yin Chun

Tam Chun Ho Damian

Cheung Ngai Yiu

Wong Hei Chun

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