Bangkok, Thailand, January 11, 2022 – The three-day Management Seminar For Volleyball, organised by the Bahrain International Development Center in conjunction with the Bahrain Volleyball Association, came to a successful close on Tuesday.

The workshop, which was held via video communication technology, was aimed at shedding light on the rules and regulations of the committees working in the Federation and the management of the game in all respects apart from familiarizing the administrative bodies with various aspects of administrative work.

On its first day, the seminar started with the Federation’s strategy and work system presented by AVC Coaches Committee Secretary Mr Mohamad Ahmed Al-Thawadi, himself Board Member and Head of Development Center, Club Regulations and Teams Committee presented by Board Member and Head of the National Teams Committee Mr Salah Janahi, and Beach Volleyball matters presented by Federation Member and Beach Council President Mr Abdul-Jalil Fateel.

The seminar on the second day also covered the topic of the Sports Administrative Director by the lecturer and analyst Mr Mahmoud Al-Mukhtar, the Referees’ Regulations and the Rules of the Game covered by international referee Jaafar Ibrahim, Competition Regulations and the Registration System for Players presented by Board Member and Chairman of the Competitions Committee Mr Reda Ashouri.

On the third day, a seminar started  with Management Planning covered by Mohamad Ahmed Al-Thawadi, Women’s Activity covered by Head of the Women’s Committee Ali Al-Sayed, and finally the Trainers’ Systems presented by Mohamad Ahmed Al-Thawadi.

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