Bangkok, Thailand, October 22, 2021 – The Level-2 FIVB Coaches Course, a well-planned coach-learning experience via Zoom Meeting in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, is being held in Bahrain between October 20 and 30, with FIVB International Coach Instructor Mr Shihab Aldin Ahmed conducting the 11-day intensive coaching skills workshop.

Mr Shihab from Sultanate of Oman, himself AVC Coaches Committee Member and the AVC EuroAsia Coaching Program Experts Group at Asian Volleyball Confederation, has inspired many national coaching programs and supervised a lot of international courses worldwide. Shihab is assisted by National Instructor Mohammed Jalal, himself also FIVB Instructor.

A total of 31 men and women, most of them national players, physical education teachers and coaches from local schools, universities, clubs from many countries including Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, Oman and Afghanistan, attended the coaching seminar.

According to Shihab, the Bahrain Volleyball Association has sought to develop coaches under these difficult conditions of global COVID-19 pandemic, and open the way to develop coaches abilities and knowledge in all aspects. Taking advantage of the ability to hold courses through distance learning, he previously held the coaches course level 1.

In his welcome speech during the opening ceremony, BVA Vice President Mr Jehad Khalfan, said: “I would like to convey my highest gratitude and appreciation to FIVB President Dr Ary Graca and FIVB Development Department for putting their trust in Bahrain to conduct Coaches Course Level 2 and welcome FIVB Course Director Mr Shihab Aldin Ahmed from Oman who has a great experience in volleyball coaching programs.

“The pandemic will not stand in the way of coaching development, and we will be working close collaboration with the International Volleyball Federation to achieve coach development in every way and method. We hope that the participants will apply what they have learned on the field to reflect on the development of volleyball levels,” he added.

Course Director Mr Shihab Ahmed also took this opportunity to show appreciation and express gratitude to FIVB Development Department and Bahrain Volleyball Federation for throwing their full supports in helping conduct Coaches Course online during this pandemic.

According to Mr Shihab, the Coaches Course Level 2 is considered one of the strongest programs offered in the world, because it contains useful sciences and knowledge for coaches. Moreover, the participants should make the most of this course to develop coaches knowledge and raise the level of their abilities in sports sciences.

He also briefly explained an overview of this course which focuses on the skills and competences required to be able to plan, deliver and review a series of progresses and physical activities.

“The course will also feature practical sessions, which introduces many basic and core topics in volleyball, coaching skills, physical conditioning, basics of mini volleyball, and training information updates. The Level 2 is also available to leaders and coaches with a foundation level of coaching skill who want to progress to the next level. I sincerely hope that everyone will do his and her best to fulfil all assignments,” he said.

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