Credit:, PNVF

The Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF) gears up for the application of the changes to the Rules of the Games set to be implemented on January 2022.

Fifteen members of the PNVF Referees and Rules of the Game Commission organised a webinar with Asian Volleyball Confederation Referees Committee Chairman Songsak Chareonpong, himself Member of the FIVB Rules of the Games & Refereeing Commission.

PNVF Auditor and International Referee Yul Benosa mentioned that while changes in the Rules of the Games will not take effect until 2022, Philippine Leagues have already expressed their interest to test and adopt the changes early on.

The changes to the Rules of the Game include allowing the libero as captain, as well as the introduction of an exceptional substitution in the event of a player on court being expelled or disqualified regardless of the number of substitutes already used.

“This webinar is vital for future PNVF events and there is a big possibility we might adopt the rule changes soon. It helped answer our questions on the new rules, particularly on its implementation.

“By implementing these changes in advance, it would be easier for us to adjust to international standards. It is beneficial for us to be updated with these changes and keep up with the evolution of the sport,” Benosa said.

To transfer the knowledge from the webinar, the Referees and Rules of the Game Commission will organize webinars with national, regional and provincial member associations.

To learn more about the changes in the Rules of the Game, please visit

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