Bangkok, Thailand, June 25, 2020 – Qatar Volleyball Association has on June 23 announced the schedule for completing the remainder of the 2019-2020 sports season, which was suspended last March due to the pandemic of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

The QVA set the September 10 as the date for the completion of the third national championship for men, with the conclusion to be on September 14 , while it was decided to start the General League Championship for Al Amal category on September 12 and conclude on September 19 , and the general league for men will close on the September 18 in the top matches for the title between the Al Arabi and the Police.

The Federation decided that the Qatar Cup tournament will be held on the September 30 with the participation of teams from first to fourth in the league, and one day before the start of the qualifying matches for the Cup of HH the Amir Cup, so that the competition will continue until the October 16, the closing date of the season 2019-2020, which was affected by the layoff due to the corona pandemic.

The QVA also announced its schedule for the sports season 2020-2021, which will start on the September 13 in the General League for the Junior category, followed respectively by the General League for the Cubs on the September 14, the start of the General League for Al Amal category on September 26, and the General League for the Youth category on October 1.

It was also decided to start the general league matches for men’s volleyball on October 19 with the launch of the first section of the competition, with October witnessing the launching of festivals of the buds teams under the age of 10 years and then under 12 years, and the buds festivals, which are of great importance in spreading the game culture, will be launched on October 31, to explore and develop talent for this category as it represents the future.

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