Bangkok, Thailand, November 28, 2020 – Kazakhstan’s Tatyana Mashkova has always had a vision of success. From spending countless hours in training to getting used to conquering her rivals, Mashkova focused in creating a strong foundation for her country to thrive in such a competitive environment in beach volleyball.

“Beach volleyball has a special place in my life,” Mashkova said. “Thanks to beach volleyball, I’ve come to know a lot of interesting people from all over the world. I have visited many countries and saw many extraordinary places. I have come to love beach volleyball for its beauty, and the entertainment and emotions it brings.

“I think athletes face different problems in their careers, but the most important thing is the ability to cope with them quickly. Beach volleyball has taught me an important lesson that in any difficult situation, I could always make a quick, right decision. That has helped me a lot too in everyday life.

“Kazakhstan has been successful in its campaign in beach volleyball and I think the main key to its success is the joint effort of coaches, players, the federation and the sponsors. We worked together for a common goal.”

When she was a teenager, she had to choose between playing volleyball and beach volleyball. And 17 years later, she believes that she made the right choice to play on sand, as she gained many medals and achievements.

“When I was 15 years old, I had a choice between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. I chose beach volleyball as advised by my coach who saw my potential and my desire to achieve good results in the future.

“My biggest achievements were finishing ninth overall at the World Championships in the Netherlands, winning gold at the Asian Beach Games, silver at the Asian Championship, bronze and silver at the FIVB World Tour. Despite the different results in the tournaments, every country and city I have been to remain in my memory.

“The most memorable continental event is the Phuket 2014 Asian Beach Games because I won gold there. And of course, because I like Thailand a lot, especially Phuket. It’s an amazing place.”

Mashkova is able to play indoor volleyball during the off-season and her club is quite supportive of her current endeavor.

“It is difficult to combine these two disciplines. Unfortunately, we are not able to compete in international tournaments, except for the Asian Tours. With this, I have the opportunity to play volleyball during the winter season. It’s really difficult to make a shift, but I’m happy that my club Zhetysu is very supportive.”

By competing in many tournaments, she was able to travel to the world. These trips opened her eyes to explore the beauty of each place, and she captured these moments through her camera.

“I like photography as a hobby. Thanks to beach volleyball, I was able to see so many beautiful places. I wanted to share them, so it gave me an idea to complete several courses in photography.”

She could easily relate her new hobby to beach volleyball. As a professional athlete with a photographer’s eye, she sees moments worthy of capturing.

“The main quality of a photographer is the correct transfer of light and details in the photo. You notice what others don’t see. In beach volleyball, it is also very much the same because in a match, it’s important to notice details in your opponent’s play, which will help lead the team to victory.”

Her talent for photography could rival her exploits on the beach volleyball court.

Among her favorites are those snapshots of her victories and the products of her passion for portrait photography.

“I chose my game photos because they are some of my most memorable moments, and the others are just some of my favorite photos that I took.”

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