Bangkok, Thailand, March 13, 2021 – The Asian Volleyball Confederation is scheduled to conduct its annual Technical Committee Meetings via video conference within the month of March, starting with the AVC Finance Committee Meeting on Monday, March 15.

As the health, economic and political impact of COVID-19 has been significant across Asia, the face-to-face meetings of all AVC Technical Committees cannot be held due to the lockdown measures tightened and further restrictions introduced to limit international travels. Considering difficulties of travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic, AVC has decided to hold online virtual meetings for all Technical Committees instead.

Earlier, AVC has officially announced the composition of its Technical Committees and Council following the AVC Board of Administration’s decision of approval during its first meeting via video conference, chaired by AVC President Mrs Rita Subowo, on November 9.

The selected members of the newly-formed AVC Technical Committees and Council have yet met for new-term assignments and future plans. Therefore, this will be the first time ever that each meeting of AVC Technical Committees and Council will be held via online gathering to realise the current situation and the hard work that lies ahead.

The likely three key topics to be raised for discussion and further decision in each meeting include the current COVID-19 situation, the possibility of organising four AVC Championships in 2021 and future plans to ensure bright prospects in their committees.

In addition, it is expected that during the meetings, members from each Technical Committee and Council will share experience and express points of view in corporate responsibilities and relevant functions to ensure a smooth run of future activities within their Committees and Council. More importantly, all members from each Committee and Council will stand a chance of catching up on AVC and FIVB updates and the challenges they are facing.

The AVC’s tentative meeting schedules are as follows
March 15, 2021: AVC Finance Committee Meeting, chaired by Mr Cai Yi from China
March 16, 2021: AVC Sports Events Council Meeting, chaired by Dr Eom Han Joo from Korea
March 18, 2021: AVC Beach Volleyball Committee Meeting, chaired by Mr Craig Carracher from Australia
March 22, 2021: AVC Coaches Committee Meeting, chaired by Mr Park Kiwon from Korea
March 23, 2021: AVC Referees Committee Meeting, chaired by Mr Songsak Chareonpong from Thailand
March 25, 2021: AVC Development and Marketing Committee Meeting, chaired by Mr Heyzer Harsono from Indonesia
March 29, 2021: AVC Medical Committee Meeting, chaired by Dr Rueangsak Siriphol from Thailand

Note: Starting time of each meeting: 2pm Bkk time

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