Bangkok, Thailand, February 2, 2024 – The AVC Beach Volleyball Committee met in a hybrid format at Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel Bangkok on Friday to discuss key topics including hosting regulations and get updates on relevant beach volleyball matters 

Mr Craig Carracher from Australia, himself Member of FIVB Board of Administration and FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission Member, chaired the Friday’s meeting on Zoom, while those attended on site consisted of Mr Chang Chi Ming, Thomas from Hong Kong, China (Secretary), Mr Mohammad Salem Al Kuwari from Qatar, Mr Xiang Qian from China, Mr Tomoki Kimishima from Japan, Mr Kritsada Panaseri, Director of AVC Beach Volleyball Department from Thailand, and Ms Nattalida Sumdangdech, AVC Officer in charge of AVC Beach Volleyball Department. Also joining the meeting on Zoom were Ms Debbie Wooster from Vanuatu and Mr Le Hoang Son from Vietnam.

Prior to the meeting, AVC President Mrs Rita Subowo delivered a welcome speech to all Members, giving a brief overview of beach volleyball’s history in Asia and praising the potentials the Asian athletes had including those from Australia, Qatar, Vanuatu and China. However, due to the impact of distance and transportation in Asia, she admitted that it was hard to find out how much the cost will be for National Federations in order to travel, especially in indoor volleyball. However, she was optimistic to say that chances are still possible for beach volleyball because there are only two athletes and maybe with coach.

“I do hope that with your idea, collaboration, support, suggestion and anything to develop beach volleyball in Asia to get more and more standards in the Olympics, it will be one of our chances to help our friends from Asia, other National Federations, to compete in the Olympic Games. It’s necessary that we work together with other Confederations and see what they have and what we can exchange to help each other, especially in terms of the problem in traveling.

“I also hope that beach volleyball will be strong in each Zone in Asia because that is one way to reduce our cost in competitions. Some Federations in Asia cannot compete internationally due to the cost of traveling. Additionally, we have to create a star. Without a star, no one recognizes us and if we have a star, we get sponsors. Therefore, I think we have to be more creative to help our athletes reach another level. I wish all of you a successful meeting,” she concluded.

The meeting started with the approval of the Agenda and the Minutes of the 2023 AVC Beach Volleyball Committee Meeting, followed by the Report of 2023 FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission Meeting in a hybrid format on December 1 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Mr Craig kept the Members updated on the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships 2025, due to take place in Adelaide, Australia, as well as the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

“It will be for the first time that the Beach Volleyball World Championships will be held in Asia in 2025 and I hope that we will work closely together as Asia,” Mr Craig said.

After that, Mr Kritsada reported about the 2023 AVC Beach Volleyball Championships and FIVB events in Asia, adding that there were 10 AVC events last year including the Asian U21 Championships in Roi Et, Thailand, AVC Beach Tour in Penghu, Chinese Taipei and Asian Senior Beach Volleyball Championships in Pingtan, China, while a total of 15 FIVB events were held in Asia in 2023 including U19 World Championships in Roi Et, Thailand, Beach Pro Tour Mt Maunganui, New Zealand and Beach Pro Tour Finals in Doha, Qatar. 

One key topic raised for discussion was the hosting regulation, which saw Mr Craig ask all the Members to share comments and ideas about the accommodation provided for participating athletes during the competition. 

The Meeting also approved the Competition Calendar despite the fact that the hosts for the Asian Senior Beach Volleyball Championships are yet to be announced since Volleyball World will be in charge of looking for the hosts and creating the organisers’ terms and conditions as well as marketing.


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