Bangkok, Thailand, February 19, 2019 – The annual AVC Technical Committee Meetings started on Tuesday at the Dusit Princess Srinakharin Hotel here, with committee chairpersons sharing knowledge obtained from their recent Commission meetings with the FIVB.

AVC President Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser presided over the productive meeting, with two AVC Executive Vice Presidents Mrs Rita Subowo and Mr Essa Hamzah and AVC Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert in attendance. Members from the AVC Sports Events Council and six AVC Committees comprising the Referees Committee, the Press Committee, the Medical Committee, the Beach Volleyball Committee, the Coaches Committee and the Development and Marketing Committee were also present in the opening ceremony, jointly chaired by Mr Somporn Chaibangyang, President of the Thailand Volleyball Association.

In his welcome speech, Mr Somporn said, “It is a good opportunity that I have a chance to welcome all of you to the AVC Technical Committee Meetings in Thailand. Since the inauguration of the AVC Headquarters in Bangkok in 2014, we the TVA have thrown our determined efforts in supporting the AVC activities not only in hosting competitions but also holding courses and AVC meetings. This year, we are celebrating our Diamond Jubilee of the founding of the TVA. To celebrate the 60-year establishment, we have planned to hold volleyball-related activities all year long until next year as we are bidding for hosting the AVC General Assembly and the FIVB World Congress in 2020.”

AVC President Dr Saleh A. Bin Nasser, Mrs Rita Subowo and Mr Essa Hamzah also expressed their gratitude to the TVA and AVC Headquarters, under a close supervision of AVC Secretary-General Mr Shanrit Wongprasert and AVC General Manager Dr Rueangsak Siriphol, for their dedication in running smooth AVC activities.

As Mrs Rita thanked all colleagues to gather in Jakarta and Palembang in their participation in the 2018 Asian Games, making the quadrennial sports extravaganza a remarkable success, Mr Essa Hamzah said that the AVC Technical Meeting has given all committee members a chance to discuss about all activities they had accomplished so far and plan for future assignments.

After that, AVC Sports Events Council chairman Dr Eom Han-joo, AVC Coaches Committee chairman Mr Park Ki-won, AVC Development and Marketing Committee chairman Mr Ramon Suzara, AVC Referees Committee chairman Mr Songsak Chareonpong, AVC Beach Volleyball Committee Mr Craig Carracher and AVC Medical Committee member Dr Rueangsak Siriphol, all of them had their recent Commission meetings with the FIVB, took turns briefing all the meeting attendants about the main topic they had discussed with the world’s governing body.

After that, all members separated for their respective Committee meetings. As the meetings for the AVC Coaches Committee, the AVC Press Committee, the AVC Medical Committee, the AVC Development and Marketing Committee and the AVC Beach Volleyball Committee came to a close on Tuesday afternoon, the AVC Referees Committee and the AVC Sports Events Council are holding a two-day meeting apiece and due to be completed on Wednesday.


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