Bangkok, Thailand, December 13, 2021 – The Central Asian Volleyball Association (CAVA) Technical Delegate Course is being held via Zoom Meeting on Monday, with Course Instructors Mr Masoud Yazdapana from Iran and Mr Yermek Syrlybayev, himself Member of AVC Board of Administration and Member of AVC Sports Events Council, jointly conducting an intensive two-day workshop.

A total of 24 candidates from 8 countries – four each from Bhutan and Iran (all females), three each from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan and Maldives and two apiece from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan – attended the course.

CAVA President Mr Mohamed Latheef from Maldives delivered a speech during the opening of the course, while Mr Songsak Chareonpong from Thailand, Member of the FIVB Rules of the Game and Refereeing Commission and Chairman of the AVC Referee Committee, was there for course empowerment purposes.

“At the end of the course, all attendants will have to do the exams. This will be a good proof how far they have learned to organise an event, starting from the arrival to the gymnasium and the closing ceremony. It will be a full-set knowledge they have received from the course,” CAVA Secretary General Mr Kylych Sarbaghyshev, himself Secretary General of Kyrgyzstan Volleyball Federation, indicated.

“The Technical Delegate Course is a uniquely-designed course aimed at preparing the Technical Delegate. All events in volleyball are controlled and guided by Technical Delegate, who will be responsible for the organisation and providing events in the AVC Central Zone. So, the course is relevant to the refereeing, gymnasium, hotels, etc and these kinds of things are what the Technical Delegate is controlling actually. So, this is direct to the event overall,” he concluded.

Course attendants

1. Mr Sayed Nematullah Mushtaq (Afghanistan)

2. Mr Mohammad Fahim Samim (Afghanistan)

3. Mr Mohammad Yousuf Sadeq (Afghanistan)

4. Maj Gen TM Abeyrathne RSP Lsc (Sri Lanka)

5. Mr Lokuge Don Sudath (Sri Lanka)

6. Mr K.R.D.C Rathnamudhali (Sri Lanka)

7. Mr Mohamed Solah (Maldives)

8. Mr Ahmed Nasheed (Maldives)

9. Mr Ahmed Saleem (Maldives)

10. Mr Nurgazy Kokcholokov (Kyrgyzstan)

11. Mr Gulzat Tokonova (Kyrgyzstan)

12. Mr Yeshi Wangdi (Bhutan)

13. Mr Sonam Tobgay (Bhutan)

14. Mr Sonam Phuntsho (Bhutan)

15. Mr Dorji (Bhutan)

16. Ms Azar Manshaii (Iran)

17. Ms Mahin Momen (Iran)

18. Ms Faezeh Jafari Shirazi (Iran)

19. Ms Akram Ebneyamin (Iran)

20. Mr Bozorboev Rustam (Tajikistan)

21. Mr Muhib Latipov (Tajikistan)

22. Mr Nazarmonov Shodi (Tajikistan)

23. Mr Aizhan Baichingissova (Kazakhstan)

24. Mr Assem Issabayeva (Kazakhstan)

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