Beijing, China, May 19 – China women’s volleyball team have been named The People Who Touched China in 2019, the “Touching China” Trophy at the CCTV “Touching China in 2019” awarding ceremony, which was broadcast on CCTV’s Synthetically Channel on Sunday.

Last September, living legend Lang Ping led her team to 11 incredible victories in a row, which contributed to their fifth World Cup title and the tenth victory in the history of China team.

The introduction of words given by the Selection Committee was wonderful, so meaningful and so touching.

“China Women’s Volleyball team, whose spirit of hardship in decades, have been inspiring and touching generations of Chinese people. Rising up from the downs, they never surrender to the tough competitors. Their figures are the miniatures of the nation’s characters and their footsteps represent the developing process of a nation. Time after time, the national flag is raised and the national anthem is played. Their contributions are way beyond sports, and they are the heroines of the country.”

Former Olympic gold medalists Feng Kun, Hui Ruoqi and Xu Yunli presented at the awards presentation to receive the Trophy as current team players are under intensive training.

“No matter in the glory moments or gloomy days, we shall never relinquish self-requirements. My coaches believe that, so did my predecessors. I think what really matters is to inherit this spiritual heritage,” said Hui Ruoqi, former captain of the China women’s volleyball team.

Touching China is a spiritual brand launched by CCTV (China Central Television). Since 2002, ten people from all walks of society are elected by Chinese through many ways. Each character has some kind of spiritual power that touches the audience. It is for the fourth time in history that China women’s volleyball team have won this award.

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