Bangkok, Thailand, July 24, 2022 – The FIVB Level-2 Coaches Course, organised by the Saudi Arabian Volleyball Federation (SAVF), is now under way at Al-Dammam Leaders Training Centre in Saudi Arabia, with FIVB Instructor Dr Shihab Aldin Ahmed from Oman practically and theoretically conducting the five-day course as the Course Director.

Assisting him during the course are National Volleyball Instructor Mr Munir A.Alhumaidan and Mr Ibrahim Al-Ebrahim, SAVF Board Member who attended in the opening ceremony of the course on Friday, July 22, and Mr Seliman Sharary Pathway Course Coordinator.

The July 22-26, advanced-stage course played a vital role as part of the developing federation volleyball plan in the country. As many as 32 men’s and women’s coaches from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon who are former national players, physical education teachers, student trainers and club coaches took part in the coaches course aimed of improving the coaches’ understanding of volleyball coaching and training. The coaching program included volleyball fundamentals, coaching skills, physical conditioning, training and the basics of mini-volleyball.

During the opening ceremony on Friday, Sheikh Ali delivered his welcome speech to Course Director Dr Shihab Aldin Ahmed and all participants,  wishing them successes in effectively obtaining rich knowledge and valuable experience to achieve greater intellectual development in the form of deeper knowledge they will gain from the five-day course.

Mr Ibrahim Al-Ebrahim said, “The Saudi Arabian Volleyball Federation is looking to increase the number of National  qualified coaches and building up coaches knowledge through FIVB Coaches Courses and FIVB Development Program. This course contributed a lot of updated knowledge for coaches to help improve their coaches skills. Definitely this kind of course is great and worthy in improving coaches’ understanding of the sport while building on the fundamentals of volleyball in Arabian countries and Asian nations as well.

In his speech, Course Director Dr Shihab Ahmed expressed his sincere thanks to FIVB, especially its Development Department and SAVF in jointly  organising the Level-2 Coaches Course, citing that this course was the third international mission in Saudi Arabia and included practical sessions which presented many advanced technical and tactical drills in Modern of Volleyball and core subjects in volleyball, coaching skills, physical conditioning, the advanced tactical plan of volleyball and updates on training science.

Moreover, course lessons would also present the updated knowledge and theory of training principles which upgrade coaches knowledge in coaching field.

“I would like to thank Oman Volleyball Association officials for trusting me and appointing me to this post. We will do our level best to train players, coaches and technical members. I am going to learn from them as well. I will work hard to deliver the most efficient learning outcomes for them,” Dr Shihab Ahmed was quoted as saying.

“The course aims to develop coaches’ knowledge and support SAVF’s plan in improving volleyball coaching programmes. I believe that SAVF is looking to increase the number of qualified coaches through FIVB Coaches Courses in the future. These courses will improve the coaches’ understanding of volleyball coaching and training.”

D Shihab Aldin Ahmed, appointed as the Development Committee Chairman at the OVA, has been the FIVB international volleyball coach instructor for nine years and presented great efforts with more than 62 international missions in the world.

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