Hong Kong, China senior men’s volleyball team use the Indoor Gymnasium in HKBUAS for the midterm tryout in mid-May.

Hong Kong, June 16, 2022 – With sports facilities being reopened in April, Hong Kong, China men’s and women’s volleyball and beach volleyball teams have been fully engaged in training to get well prepared for the upcoming international competitions and the postponed Asian Games in 2023.

In order to improve players’ performance and teams’ competitiveness in international competitions, Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China (VBAHK) had started to recruit Fitness Coach Team since the end of last year; expect to involve scientific elements in Hong Kong teams’ training.

Also, VBAHK felt honored to have Prof Patrick Yung, Assistant Dean of Alumni Affairs of the Faculty of Medicine of CUHK, and Dr Lobo Louie, Senior Lecturer of Department of Health and Physical Education of EdUHK, as their Honorary Medical Advisor and Honorary Scientific Research Advisor respectively. Their professional advices on the newly introduced strength and conditioning project are valuable for the association.

VBAHK has recruited Fitness Coach Team to provide strength and conditioning training for Hong Kong, China teams. Players had undergone fitness assessments in April, regarding the result, Fitness Coach Team has developed a training programme which is specially for volleyball players and work against players’ weaknesses. The training programme targets on players’ core muscles, muscular strength and power, as well as mobility with the aim of enhancing sports performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Meanwhile, VBAHK has built a partnership with CUHK Sports Medicine Team to provide medical support to Hong Kong, China teams such as physiotherapy and regular assessment to evaluate players’ injury risk, so that players could put all their efforts on training. Besides, CUHK Sports Medicine Team will assist VBAHK in holding conference, seminar or workshop so as to enhance knowledge level of local players and coaches. They will conduct scientific researches as well which focus on volleyball players for the sake of future success of Hong Kong, China teams and long-term development of local volleyball.


Fitness Coach Team conduct Strength and Conditioning training for the Hong Kong, China team.

VBAHK has also collaborated with Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School (HKBUAS), to provide a regular training base for the Hong Kong, China teams. They can use the school’s training facilities after school hours for preparing upcoming competitions. The Hong Kong, China teams have been training regularly at HKBUAS from earlier this year, and the Hong Kong, China senior men’s volleyball team used the venue for midterm tryout in mid-May.

CUHK Sports Medicine Team carry out scientific assessments for the Hong Kong, China team.

Head Coach Dragan Mihailovic and his team hope to select potential players to join regular training squad through this tryout, in order to enhance the team’s strength and prepare for the AVC Cup For Men that scheduled to be held in Thailand during August. Due to the pandemic in last three years, the Hong Kong, China team has rarely participated in international competitions. Apart from the AVC Cup For Men, the Hong Kong, China senior women’s volleyball team will also travel to Thailand next week, and participate in the 3rd AVC Women’s Challenge Cup.

VBAHK is glad to receive assistance from various parties to support Hong Kong, China teams. VBAHK is hoping that through a series of training and supporting measures, Hong Kong, China teams can strengthen its competitiveness in international competitions, and achieve good results in the competitions to bring glory to Hong Kong, China.

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