Lausanne, Switzerland, October 18, 2019 – FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° was impressed with the Oceania Zonal Volleyball Association’s (OZVA) high-performance strategic plan when it was presented to him during his time in Hawaii.

The FIVB President met with OZVA President Hugh Graham and Secretary Terry Sasser to discuss the future of volleyball in the region, as well as to understand more about the focus for the immediate and long-term plans of the organisation. President Ary Graça also heard the 20 Oceania National Federation (NF) president reports from the past 12 months.

As part of OZVA strategy, they will focus on beach volleyball, improving the national teams through provision of coaching, as well as team management and event management. The goal is to create a high-performance training centre located in Fiji, in partnership with the Fijian government and National Olympic Committee, to prepare athletes to participate at FIVB and AVC beach volleyball events in 2021.

President Ary Graça approved the Association’s plan and offered the FIVB’s support to ensure Oceania’s reputation continues to grow in world volleyball.

“Our goal at the FIVB is to grow volleyball around the world and I believe that the Oceania Zonal Volleyball Association has the right strategy in place to create stars throughout the region. By investing in the coaching and concentrating on hosting major events and the performance of their national teams, we will see the next generation of volleyball and beach volleyball stars in Oceania. This is just the start of a very exciting journey,” the FIVB President said.

“I am delighted that these countries understood that beach volleyball is the solution for them to move our sport to the next level. They are working very hard on beach volleyball and we can already see the results. This is a great example for the other parts of the world, and I am confident of the bright future for Oceania in our sport. The FIVB’s Nucleus Plan is now in full action, with 20 more countries from Oceania really integrated into our activities and participating at major events!”

It is already planned that in 2019, Fiji will host the first phase of the AVC Beach Volleyball Continental Cup and then in 2020 the region will host two FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour events in the Cook Islands and Guam. Excluding Australia, it will be the first time Oceania has hosted an event on the Tour.

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