Bangkok, Thailand, June 18, 2019 – The recently-concluded Youth Volleyball Festival in Lebanon came to fruition, with the Federation members, the parents and their children sharing the joy and enthusiasm of the fun-packed one-day activity.

Like every year, the Lebanese Volleyball Federation had organized the Youth Festival for children under 14 years of age. Sixteen teams of boys and girls participated in the competition, taking on each other. All participants gathered to have lunch altogether and socialise with each other.

The Youth Festival is a unique opportunity for young volleyball players to show their talents and skills, and get an unforgettable experience in this youth volleyball activity, which offered maximum joy, fun and great games for all participants.

The Youth Festival is held annually by the Lebanese Volleyball Federation with the aim of helping develop volleyball and young players in the country that in tern will go on widening the number of senior players to help strengthen the performances of the sport in Lebanon and their future national teams.

FLVB President Mr Jean Hammam was present along with members of the Federation as well as the parents of the participants who were there to join the festival, riddled with fun and happiness.

The competition was so exciting and at the end of the day, the president and members of the federation distributed trophies and medals as souvenirs and a net with volleyballs that the Federation had received from the Asian Volleyball Confederation as gifts to encourage the children.

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